Need Patch.01 for 1.0.5 squid

From: Carmine Di Biase <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 20:58:21 -0400

At 02:08 PM 7/30/96 +0200, Franz Heinrich wrote:
> Did you supply squid-1.0.5-patch.01? We had the same problem, but after
>installing the patch, we got no more problems.
        I have not received the (un)famous patch, I already
checked all messages received from squid-users. Who knows?

        Sorry to bother all of you with this, but, can
someone send me those patches?

        Thanks in advance

        Carmine Di Biase
Received on Tue Jul 30 1996 - 17:51:54 MDT

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