squid wouldn't start because of ttyinput

From: Mitsuho Iizuka <mitsuho@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 15:17:05 +0900

Dear Squiders,

 I obtained

        'Squid Version 1.1-alpha7',

 and compiled it on the machine, as follows.

        UNIX_SV42MP cyber 4.2MP 1.release.0509.11:11 R4000 r4000

After successfully compiling, I installed the system, and stated as

        # squid & <- stderr
        [1] + Stopped (tty input) squid

As you see, squid process was stopped because of stderr character
output. I want to make the squid process start with background.
 I know previous version of squid didn't have such problem, and these
kind of characters should output to 'logfile'. Now I'm looking for the
problem with looking at various squid source code, but I can't find
out now.

 So, please teach me the solution, or the line and filename which
outputs 'localhost' ip address when squid starting up, if possible.

Best Regards,
Mitsuho Iizuka, Assistant Manager,
Multimedia Application Dev. Dept. C&C Systems Market Dev. Div.
NEC Corp. Voice: +81-3-3798-6388 Email: mitsuho@cc.ho.nec.co.jp
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