RE: using acl patterns

From: Paul Borgermans <>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 20:33:26 +-200

Hi Alexander,

Your experience is the normal behaviour:

acl pattern only checks the PATH in the URL,
not the host.

Use the acl dstdomain to exclude hosts with a certain domain (checked this for Squid 1.1alpha7).
Be aware though that you cannot use patterns for matching hosts, only a domain.

Maybe pattern matching could be a nice feature
for acl dstdomain as the host is taken from the URL.

Users could always try to to a dnslookup and further
use the raw IP address. In that case you would need to
use acl dst too to exclude these IP addresses. But if not, could be rather discouraging.



From: Alexander Serkin[]
Sent: woensdag 7 augustus 1996 12:09
Subject: using acl patterns

Hi, Squid Users.

I've a problem using patterns with acls.
The problem is that squid seems to not check patterns included in
host name field of the url.

For example the following acl set:

acl example pattern yohoho
http_access deny example

does not block access to, but blocks the
following url:

Is it possible to solve this somehow?

I'd like to block access to some www sites (sex, porno, erotic)
just not to pay for extra traffic. May be this will not help -
we'll see.

Alexander Serkin, Moscow Cellular Communications
                  "You know, you shock me, baby,
                   You shock me all night long..."
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