Re: Q: How many users can squid handle?

From: Ong Beng Hui <>
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 01:15:51 +0800 (SST)

> We're planning on setting up a campus-wide proxy/cache server to help
> reduce our T1 congestion. I've tested squid for a few months with
> only a few users and it has worked really well. Is anyone using squid
> for thousands of users? Can it handle the load?

We are using Harvest Cache (commercial verson of Squid)
for thousands of users. It can handle the load with
some tuning of OSs and the right hardware.

> The system we're going to purchase will be a Sun Ultra 140 with lots
> of memory, SunSwift board for 100Mbps ethernet and fast-wide SCSI, and
> several gig of disk.

Lots of memory, a number of disks and high speed network will
be nice. Also, I personally go for a 32-bit CPU than a 64-bit
version. Save a bit of memory on those huge 64bits pointers
especially on meta cache data.

Ong Beng Hui
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