Re: refresh a cached object using IMS

From: Jaeyeon Jung <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 01:39:01 -0900 (GMT)

  I have some questions about TCP_REFRESH objects.

  When user hits "reload", as I know, all cached information in Squid

  is ignored, but still "If Modified Since" is sent directly to the

  original server.

  My Question: according to source code, TCP_REFERSH objects are processed

  in icpProcessMiss. and in the begginning of icpProcessMiss, any

  reference to the requested object is released and new entry is created.

  Then, what if original server sends "Not modified"? In this case, just

  small header is returened. How could Squid find released entity?

  Jaeyeon Jung

  SA Lab, CS Dept, KAIST

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