Re: Most than 1 million Req per day

From: Martin Gleeson <>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:39:29 +1000

You wrote:
>> Squid-1..04 (?) introduced ICP piggybacking requests if the data will
>> fit inside some UDP/ICP limit. This means that no, not all ICP will
>> become TCP and thus you are undercounting "hits" on your cache.
>Hmm... That's sounds interesting. Sorry, but I am
>use Harvest here, and Harvest doesn't seems to
>have such a feature.

If you're still using harvest, you should really think about changing to
squid. You will lose your cache data, but our experience shows it only
takes a few days to get it back :-), and it's a much improved product.

P.S. I think the ICP piggybacking was intro'd as far back as 1.0alpha.
     It is a *great* idea.

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