cache_mem and max object sizes

From: Kirk Friggstad <>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 09:32:49 -0600

We're using squid 1.0.5 with the file-upload and icp patches
installed, running on a DEC AlphaStation under DEC OSF/1 3.0.

Currently, cache_mem is set to 8 MB (we're a little low on RAM at the
moment), with maximum object sizes at 4 MB. I'd like to increase
cache_mem, but OSF tends to crash when its out of memory. I'd also
like to cache files greater than 4 MB (especially considering the
release of the new Netscape on Monday), since we pay a per-MB charge
to our provider.

I realize that it's recommended to have the max object size no larger
than 1/4 cache_mem - what are the (potential) consequences of running
it at 1/2 or full cache_mem? Anyone out there running with settings
like that?

Thanks for any and all replies.

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