Re: microsft internet explorer ftp, and 1.0.7

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 17:34:56 +0000

On Thu 15 Aug, 1996, Edward Henigin <> wrote:
> 1) has anyone noticed what happens when you use Microsoft's
>Internet Explorer through the squid cache for ftp perusal? MSIE
>always looks for the following three files in the current browsing
> internal-gopher-binary
> internal-gopher-menu
> internal-gopher-text

a proposal ages ago pre Netscape days was that each browser would
have these images internally (hence the internal- prefix) so
that there were known images that needn't be retrieved for certain
operations (such as the endless directory lists that you get)

Squid uses these names (that exist in Mosaic, Netscape, and some
other browsers) because it doesn't have any icons of its own
to serve (nor really the capability to do so).


1. change ftpget to send out a URL that points to an
existing image on an http server, eg your own server (which
probably has the images anyway in its own icons/ directory).

2. get Microsoft to implement the internal- images.

3. something else.

-- jrg.
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