My SQUID just stoped working.

From: Mikel Lindsaar <>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 96 20:42:16 +1000

My SQUID cache has been running beautifully for aver a month now...

However this morning it just stopped fullfilling client requests. All
client browsers would sit on the "connected to host waiting for data" type
phase, I tested this on four operating systems and four different make
browsers all with the same fault.

If the client browsers turn off proxy, everything goes back to normal, so
connectivity is not an issue.

I was running squid beta17 for the past three weeks (if it ain't broke...)
so I thought I would upgrade to Squid 1.07 Did that over the top of the
old squid, still didn't work. Killed the squid files and did it again, no
joy. moved my new config, copied the default squid.conf over and
remodified it... still no joy.

Now I am getting quite befuddled.

Checked to see if the 3128 port is in use... nup...

netstat shows a valid connection (ESTABLISHED) between my proxy.squid and
the client request.

The browser just sits there and waits until Squid kills the child process
for idle timeout.

ANY ideas?

Much appriciated.

Regards and Salutations,


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