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From: Mikel Lindsaar <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 11:29:18 +1000

Firstly I would like to thank the responces I got to the last "My SQUID
died" email.. while they all were quite basic responces (due to lack of
info on my part) it jogged my memory and I found the problem. A typo in
the port number of my parent cache. The symptoms are a "flaky" cache...
it will get some documents... but 50%+ of the time it will return access
denied (61) messages as the parent is denying access.. not the site.

But.. onto my next problem.

A school client of mine wishes to have certain sites banned from his site
(like While I know this is possible to do manually
using ACL lists in squid.conf I would rather write some sort of html
interface so that the client can add and delete these pages at will
without having to send me a list of sites to be banned in email and make
us do the manual entry. I was wondering three things...

Firstly, has anyone done this already? ie.. am I reinventing the wheel?

Secondally, can the squid.conf file read another file (eg acl.list) for
it's ACL commands? I would rather do this incase of something decided to
trash the config file (which, knowing my luck, it would *8-]

Thirdly, is there a limit to the size of an ACL command? In the following
command set the domain line could contain a couple of hundred sites
(potentially) Is this a problem?

acl schoolclients src
acl naughtysites domain
(another 100 sites) http_access deny schoolclients naughtsites

Or... could question two (above) be used to the following effect:

acl naughtysites domain \usr\local\squid\acl\our.huge.acl.list.file

And have these banned domains listed one per line with cr's at the end?
Much more readable.

Regards and Salutations,


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