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From: Mikel Lindsaar <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 13:27:16 +1000

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   Duane Wessels <> said:

>>Secondally, can the squid.conf file read another file (eg acl.list) for
>>it's ACL commands? I would rather do this incase of something decided to
>>trash the config file (which, knowing my luck, it would *8-]

>It can't yet read ACL's from another file. (It can read 'local_domain'
>entries from a file, but that is the only one at the moment).

>>Thirdly, is there a limit to the size of an ACL command? In the followin
>>command set the domain line could contain a couple of hundred sites
>>(potentially) Is this a problem?

>Yes it will be a problem. You should break it into multiple 'acl' lines
>with different names. You can't have more than 1024 characters per line
>in the config file.

Hmmm... that will make it harder.

So I should define one acl and domain name to each session I suppose...

so it would look like:

acl session1 domain
http_access deny ourschool session1
acl session2 domain
http_access deny ourschool session2

In the simplest form...

Given that a couple of hundred sites will be added eventually... we are
going to get a looong config file. What are the performance consequences
here? (I assume negligable and highly dependant on server speed...) but is
there any limits I am going to hit in a hurry?

Obviously an imediate performance gain would be to aggregate the
http_access lines.. but again I am going to hit the 1024 limit real

Possible upgrade feature? *8-]

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