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From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 96 15:51:01 -0700 writes:

>I'm a new squid users (just installed 1.0.7 today on my ISP server, been
>playing with 1.0.6 on my own machine for a week now). I used to run CERN
>which was good until the cache directory filled up with host names, then
>it slowed down a lot. If you ever try doing an ls inside the http
>directory of the CERN cache directory, you can see why it's slow.
>Now for the questions:
>1) I notice Squid uses port numbers of 3128 for HTTP and 3130 for ICP
> (I also noticed 3132 for FTP in a config.h file). What happened to
> the regular 8080 port? Have the squid ports been registered and are
> now official, or didn't somebody like 8080?

the ports 3138-3130 are not official. They had just been chosen randomly.

>2) I created an environment variabled called CACHE_HTTP_PORT=8080 before
> a ran configure so I'm using 8080 as my port, is there any problem with
> this?


>3) What's the FTP port of 3132 used for?

its not anymore, its removed from more recent versions.

>4) When I run the cgi-bin machemgr.cgi program it displays a password
> field. What's this used for? And when you say for entering a password,
> where do I configure what the password should be? So far I have set
> acl's to limit access to my domain, but I want to set a password
> so only I can access the cache manager program.

The password is only for shutting down the cache. You have
to make a passwd database entry for 'cache'

Duane W.
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