Re: Ranting on ipcache bogosity

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:54:54 +0200 (GMT)

Eric Wieling wrote:
> Perhaps if ipcache stored all the addresses for a host and return
> them all to Squid when asked, perhaps using the same method as BIND.

Then we would have to modify squid so that it would have a flag and
loop condition so that it would retry if there was another IP address

One thing that we must make sure of is that if there are 2 concurrent
gets of different files from the same server, and the one fails,
it doesn't trash the working/open one...

It seems that if 2 people are downloading a file, and the first one
is cancelled, the other continues? This is GREAT!

(This happens often.. Netscape normally opens 4 concurrent connections
to a server)

> Then Squid could try all the IP addresses returned by ipcache. This
> would still not fix the "black hole" problem, but I suspect that's a
> more general problem with the host than an implementation problems
> with Squid.
I think I missed the "black hole" problem? Which one are you
referring to?

> I must say that while Squid does have a few problems, it's far, far
> ahead of any other cache software that I've seen.
Absolutely! And Keep up the good work to the developers!

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