parented/neighboured FTP objects expire instantly

From: Tom Minchin <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 22:21:49 +1000 (EST)

Hi Squid users,
        After seeing a mention of this problem on this list, I had a look
at our Squid proxy and found that any FTP object gotten via our parent
(we only have one) was instantly expired as soon as transfer started. Only
objects collected directly were cached (which means our local FTP site
is cached beautifully!).
        Anway, on Duanes suggestion I ran it with full debugging (200k
log in 2 minutes...). I've put the logs below, essentially from what I'm
seeing direct goes thru fine, gets put in the cache and a log entry generated,
while a parented object is ditched instantly.
        Any suggestions? Is it an upstream configuration difference? (1.0.7)
It can't be object size, unless they've really cut down and make it 20kbytes

I found that when the object was parented logs generated this (long lines):
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:42 +1000] icp.c:674: icp_hit_or_miss: REQ_NOCACHE = NOT SET
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:42 +1000] icp.c:676: icp_hit_or_miss: REQ_CACHABLE = SET
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:42 +1000] icp.c:678: icp_hit_or_miss: REQ_HIERARCHICAL = SET
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] icp.c:465:
        icpHandleStore: FD 15: off 40509:
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] icp.c:404:
        icpSendMoreData: <URL:> sz 40509: len 40509: off 40509.
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] store.c:2463:
        storeCopy: avail_to_write=0, store_offset=40509
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] icp.c:441: icpSendMoreData: opcode 8: len 40509.
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] comm.c:1364:
        comm_write: FD 15: sz 0: tout 30: hndl 0x80598e0: data 0x8129d00.
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] store.c:1641:
        storeCheckSwapable: NO: already expired
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] store.c:2233:
        storeRelease: Releasing: '2/GET/'
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] store.c:970:
        storeExpireNow: '2/GET/'
[21/Aug/1996:21:57:53 +1000] store.c:2239:
        storeRelease: Only setting RELEASE_REQUEST bit

And when it wasn't parented:
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] icp.c:494:
        icpHandleStoreComplete: FD 15: sz 1825: err 0: off 22786: len 0: tsmp 0: lref 840628893.
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] store.c:824:
        storeRegister: FD 15 ''
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] comm.c:743: comm_select: FD 19 ready for reading
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] ftp.c:344: ftpReadReply: FD 19, Read 0 bytes
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] ttl.c:187:
        ttlSet: Choosing TTL for
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] ttl.c:217:
        ttlSet: Last-Modified: Tuesday, 30-Apr-96 16:09:00 GMT
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] ttl.c:286:
        ttlSet: [..L.P..] 3.00 days
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] store.c:1664:
        storeComplete: ''
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] store.c:1262:
        storeSwapOutHandle: SwapOut complete: <URL:>
to /usr/local/test/cache/00/0.
[21/Aug/1996:22:01:43 +1000] store.c:450:
        storePurgeMem: Freeing memory-copy of

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