Re: My Squid uses only 30% of available disk space

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 96 10:09:13 +0200

On Thursday 22 August 96, at 9 h 28, the keyboard of Mart Norman
<> wrote:

> My squid appeares to use only about 30% of disk space I have specified
> for him. Why?

This can be possible if you have too much cache space and if the objects
expire before filling in the disk. I have three cache servers in that
case: in one of these, people work mostly on professionnal servers, with
few images and the cache never fills in. The other two are too recent and
not yet fully used. On the other end, I know a school where the
5-gigabytes cache is full in two days. Students obviously use the Web
differently :-)

To summary: may be a smaller cache is suited to your needs.

Either you increment the duration of stay in the cache or you simply
reduce the cache space (be careful, user's behaviour can change later or
the number of users can increase).
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