Re: running cachemgr.cgi

From: Peter Schaefer <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 19:40:46 +0200

Richard Hall wrote:
> I went through this last week.
> The cache manager access doesn't work like you think (and I thought and
> others thought . . .) Basically, there are two ways to access cachemgr
> functions: 1) through a browser by pointing it to the URL, and 2)
> through a cachemgr by typing in a Cache Host name and port. That is, the
> cache manager is not devoted exclusively to your cache, but lets you name
> any cache host at all. Any cache manager can attempt to access stats
> about your cache. It is this form of access that squid.conf controls.
> Access through a browser can only be controlled by the http server
> responsible for delivering the cachemgr.cgi page.
> What this means is that 1) You must grant access in squid.conf to the
> machine on which the http server is running in order to see the cache
> manager functions at all via a browser.

Sorry for a few more questions, but it doesnt work:
grant access in squid.conf like this?:

acl peter src host-ip-number/net-mask
http_access deny manager !peter

the host-ip-address is the ip-address of my computer connected via
ethernet to the squid-server(same as www-server)

But the message :Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request

looks like squid is looking for a file called info. My www-server, an
apache 1.1.1 generates an info under which only I can
access which gives me apache server infos. Perhaps there is a conflict?

Any idea?

thanks Peter

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