Re: running cachemgr.cgi

From: Martin Gleeson <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 08:33:32 +1000 (EST)

Peter Schaefer wrote:

>Richard Hall wrote:
>> What this means is that 1) You must grant access in squid.conf to the
>> machine on which the http server is running in order to see the cache
>> manager functions at all via a browser.

>Sorry for a few more questions, but it doesnt work:
>grant access in squid.conf like this?:

>acl peter src host-ip-number/net-mask
>http_access deny manager !peter

>the host-ip-address is the ip-address of my computer connected via
>ethernet to the squid-server(same as www-server)

The host-ip-address must be the IP address of the WWW server that cachemgr.cgi
runs on (as Richard said), _not_ the computer your web browser runs on.

I.e. if the URL you use to access the cache manager is, then host-ip-number must be the ip number
of (regardless of what computer your web browser is on).

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