Re: running cachemgr.cgi

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 09:38:48 +0200

On Thursday 22 August 96, at 19 h 40, the keyboard of Peter Schaefer
<> wrote:

> acl peter src host-ip-number/net-mask
> http_access deny manager !peter

May be there is an implicit deny at the end of the list (does anyone know
where it is documented?). So, this should be:

acl peter src host-ip-number/net-mask
http_access allow manager peter
http_access deny manager all

(It's always a good idea to have nothing implicit in access lists.)

> the host-ip-address is the ip-address of my computer connected via
> ethernet to the squid-server(same as www-server)

As Martin Gleeson said, Squid will see the request coming from the Web
server so you should authorize its address (and tune httpd.conf to be
sure the Web server allows only your station to run that cachemgr.cgi

> looks like squid is looking for a file called info. My www-server, an
> apache 1.1.1 generates an info under which only I can
> access which gives me apache server infos. Perhaps there is a conflict?

Probably not. One is accessed by the "cache_object" protocol and the
other through "http".

BTW, "info" is not a file (an URL does not need to refer to a file). It
will be generated by Squid on the fly.

One last note. I really prefer to access Squid info from the command
line. I modified a bit url_get to do it and I find it better than the
cachemgr.cgi interface. In that case, you have to authorize the machine
which runs url_get.
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