filtering based on content?

From: Skip Montanaro <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 15:37:24 -0400

Can Squid filter documents based on content as well as URL names and access

I imagine I may be one of just a small handful of people using Squid
primarily as a "censorware". I use a couple ACLs to filter out URLs I'd
rather my kids (ages 6-14) not get at. It works well as far as it goes, but
I'd also like to apply filters on the content of the documents before
passing them on to the Web browser.

Performance isn't a real big issue. Squid runs on a 120MHz Pentium that
feeds my home network over a 28.8k modem line, so I can filter pretty much
as fast as I need to.

Is this possible? If not, would it be considered a useful addition to
squid? I can probably handle adding it to the source, possibly by creating
a "filepattern" ACL that works like the existing "pattern" ACL but is
applied to the retrieved document instead of the path component of the URL.

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