Re: no caching of scripts

From: Kai Michael Kretschmann <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 08:37:15 +0000

Hello Alessio,

> > Some 'cgi' scripts hide behind something like:
> >
> > GET
> Well, I think in this case a
> ttl_pattern ^ 0 0% 0

In the case where I know the URL of such a CGI script this is the
way, you're right. But... :-)

If I don't know the URL before I or any other user accesses it he
might get any old garbage form previous requests. I can't exclude all
URL-paths of such paths in advance.

Only the pattern of the URL might indicate such a function
like these '/-d' parts in the URL, perhaps with a regex one can
either search thru the logs or include it in the config.

In any case the script itself should reply with a pragme-no-cache,
but one can't rely on that. :-(

Any ideas? Thanks for the last reply.
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