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From: Christian Koenigseder <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 17:41:59 +0200


my company hasn't a permanent internet-connection. Therefore it would be
very important, that the squid would not do an dns-lookup for WWW-Pages, which
are already in the cache.

My two proposals to do this:

1.) A further variable in squid.conf, which enforces "squid" always to look at
    first in the cache and if this is not successfully than to do an dns-
    lookup. Only a "Reload" enforces to do a direct dns-lookup!

2.) If a WWW-Page couldn't be found, since the dns-lookup failed, look always
    additionally in the cache. If the desired WWW-Page is already in the cache,
    use this one.
    This would avoid following message:

  Fatal Error 500

  Can't Access Document:

  Reason: Can't locate remote host:

Please give an short answer "YES" or "NO" if this will be implemented soon.


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