Squid not Caching some Objects

From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <lioux@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 23:56:22 -0300 (EST)

        I am currently working with Harvest Cache 1.4pl3. It works well, yet I want to upgrade to Squid Cache.
        However, I am having trouble with Squid. To be sincere: Squid is not behaving very well.
        I am beta-testing Squid 1.0.12 at the moment, I've worked from 1_0_9 up to 1.0.12 with the some problem.
        The strange behavior is this:

                I try to access www.realaudio.com or www.timecast.com through the Squid Proxy Cache.
                The access.log logs all requests to the realaudio and timecast as TCP_MISS (right, they were not in the cache). However, all objects request through the proxy are logged in the access.log as "TCP_MISS 104" and are not cached.
                The log file in the spool cache directory do not records anything about realaudio and timecast objects, yet they are recorded as requested in the access.log file.

        I find this behavior strange, for my harvest proxy caches this objects.Tthis behavior is not particular to the harvest project original software but only to the Squid Version.
        Is anybody able to reproduce this situation?
        I already checked my http_stop and ttl_pattern rules (they are the same as the Harvest Cache I am running).
        Any ideas?
        Please help. This issue is the only thing that is delaying my switching to the Squid Cache.

        Look towards your answering soon,
                Mario Ferreira.
        (System Administrator)
Received on Tue Sep 03 1996 - 19:58:19 MDT

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