Multiple cache partitions

From: Pete Philips <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 11:52:41 +0100 (BST)

I am thinking of experimenting with multiple cache_dir tags. I wonder if
anyone else has done this and could answer a question I have about it?

Once I have two partitions up, running and populated, what will be the
effect of subsequently removing one of those partitions?

Will Squid keep what's in the partition that is left and carry on or will
it ditch everything and have to start from scratch again?

Also Duane wrote sometime back:

> Squid assumes that /cache1 and /cache2 are the same size. It just
> alternates between the two for every object which gets stored.

> However, you can use more cache_dir lines in the proper ratio if
> you have partitions of different size. If you have /P1 with 1G
> and /P2 with 2G, then you could use

> cache_dir /P1/cache1
> cache_dir /P2/cache2
> cache_dir /P2/cache3

> and similarly for other ratios.

> You might want to do this anyway since each 'cache_dir' has 100
> subdirectories. If you have too few cache_dir's then each of
> the subdirectories will have 1000's of files and the time to
> seek through large directory entries may slow down your cache.

Anyone got a rule of thumb for the max cache_dir size so as to maximise

Many thanks,


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