Re: Squid gets too much memory!!

From: Nelson Posse Lago <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 03:52:00 -0300 (EST)

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Gudmundur Ragnar wrote:

> If you have lots of users go for Squid. On small systems
> and not a lot of users you could use your current web
> server as a procy-cache (Cern/Apache ?orthers)

     Well, I expect to grow :-). I could use Spinner (now known as roxen)
as a proxy cache, but squid is *sooooo* superior... besides, squid has
the hability to talk to parents and neighbors, and this is important here
in Brazil, were international links are somewhat overloaded and Internet
is growing *very* fast, faster than the infrastructure grows.

> Squid actualy uses the memory to deliver it's performance, if the system
> is swaping add more memory.

     I sure could do that. But I'm not having performance problems (at
least not yet), I was just wondering if there's a memory leak around. The
first few days, squid was taking a few meg of RAM (around 2-4, don't
remember). Then I checked back, it was taking 10Mb and stayed that way
for a few days. Now it's taking 16Mb. I don't see why. If every cached
object takes 80 bytes of VM and I currently have 45Mb on disk, that's
about 3000 objects (taking about 15K per object). This would yell a
ridiculous 240Kb memory + 1Mb of VM for hot objects + code size. Not to
mention that the cache size didn't grow after the first few days. I think
it should fit in 5Mb. Am I wrong? (maybe it's time to kill the guy...)

See ya,
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