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From: Bernhard Duebi <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 15:45:58 +0200 (METDST)


I still have problems with my squid configuration.
Once more my environment:
2 non-squid parents, which do respond on ICP requests (not even udp port 7)
  1 of them is a firewall
  1 is a normal proxy server
1 squid neighbor

I want the proxy parent to serve and nothing else.
I want the firewall to serve everything but

I set the following acl's up:

cache_host parent 80 7 no-query
cache_host parent 80 7 no-query
cache_host neighbor 3128 3130
single_parent_bypass on
acl Philips domain
acl MPN dst
cache_host_acl Philips
cache_host_acl !Philips
cache_host_acl MPN
cache_host_acl !MPN

This configuration tells squid to not use firewall for and the
Philips Intranet. And it tells squid to use www-proxy for everything that is
How can I squid not to use www-proxy outside of Philips ? What I think of is
something like

cache_host_acl ! !Philips
cache_host_acl ! !MPN

to tell to not use a cachehost if the acl is true. Is this possible ?


BTW is the MPN acl correct ?

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