Re: Squid problem: "ipcache_create_dnsserver: fork: (35) Operation would block"

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 96 16:40:26 +0200

On Wednesday 11 September 96, at 14 h 56, the keyboard of Jonathan
Larmour <> wrote:


Yes :-(

schnaps:~ > grep EAGAIN /usr/include/errno.h
#define EAGAIN EWOULDBLOCK /* ditto */

xstrerror() choosed the wrong message :-(
> This could indicates you are running low on resources. This could be memory,
> or more likely file descriptors. Are you running close to the limit of file
> descriptors per process on this system? If its possible to up the number of

The default number in Digital Unix (which can be changed at run time in
/etc/sysconfigtab) is 4096. Asking the cache manager for "info" shows
that we use only 100 of them. "swapon -s" shows the memory is fine. Squid
runs as root (oops, this have to be changed), so it probably has not many
limits. man says:

  [EAGAIN] The limit on the total number of processes executing for a
            user would be exceeded. This limit can be exceeded by a
            with superuser privilege.

So, you're right, a table is probably full. But which one? Why stopping
Squid and restarting it works? Squid is launched by init in /etc/inittab.
Could it be the problem?
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