Re: Squid acl access - neighbours & parents..

From: Michael James <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 17:18:24 +1000

Hello Gordon and Duane,

Now I understand, icp is only for checking if the file is there,
 the main http_port must be used to fetch it.

So rather than adding complicated etiquette-checking to the main port
    (did they check before fetching?)
 Could I suggest addind a new neighbors entrance:
    (that behaves as I thought icp did)
 "We only supply items in stock; no orders taken."

Having a neighbors port allows us to specify a looser set of access lists
 for clients only asking for neighbor's rights.

It adds no complexity for children or neighbors
 they simply point to the port correct for them.

Incorrectly configured clients get no service,
 which is probably easier to diagnose than patchy service.

The access-list checking could be done by a router.

Naiively yours,


    Michael James
  IT Development and Integration, University of Canberra, Australia

   Lets face it: even if we had complete leisure and infinite money
We would never find anything as interesting as the internet to work on
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