Re: Reload new page .

From: Kirk Friggstad <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:58:07 -0600

> I have still got a problem to reload or refresh
> a new page when using MSIE 3.0.
> When I modified a page in my localhost,
> and want to look at this new page using MSIE 3.0 ,
> it's impossible to see the modification.
> When I pressed the Refresh button,
> the page remained the same

I've managed to work around it. Go into the MSIE options, and in the
"Temporary Internet Files" (what the rest of the world calls
"cache"), set it to check for a new version of the page every time,
rather than once per session or never.

I don't know what impact this has on the utilization of MSIE's
hard-drive cache.

Anyways, that's what worked for me.

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