I cannot get squid to local_domain DIRECT - help

From: Kev <kfd@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 14:52:09 +1000

Dear Squid users,

I am trying to make squid retreive my local www pages
directly. When I specify local_domain options in my squid.conf
as follows it does NOT work....

local_domain gil.com.au

When I retrieve an object such as http://www.gil.com.au
I get a series of TCP_HIT/200/NONE messages when I believe I should be
getting a TCP_MISS/200/DIRECT message in my access.log file.

The conf file specifically says if you specify the local_domain
it will retrieve the files DIRECTLY but I am at a complete loss
as to why this does not work. I have tried using local_ip's,
ttl of zero and a number of other options but the above SHOULD

Can anybody help..... please.

Thank you in advance


Information Support Officer
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