Re: neighbours not returning images?

From: Neil Murray <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:34:58 +1000

- I am seeing a strage effect where if a request is made to the proxy for
- an image file that a neighbour has, the proxy returns an error 61
- (Connection refused) despite the fact that the neighbour appears to
- believe it has delivered the item and direct access (without proxy) is
- successful.
- Log details below. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be going
- wrong ?
- On PROXY1 the access log returns:
- access.log: - - [30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000] "GET
- But the hierarchy log seems to indicate that the neighbour did offer the
- object:
- hierarchy.log:[30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000]
- store.log:844058318.365 RELEASE 400 300 [ 5m] 0/945
- 1285/GET/
- PROXY2 appears to log a sucessful hit:
- access.log: - - [30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000] "ICP_QUERY
- UDP_HIT 93

        I ran into something similar on one occasion, I suggest you check the
'cache_host' line for the tcp (http) port & icp port numbers. If you have the
tcp port number wrong but the icp port correct you will send icp queries
correctly and received UDP_HIT_OBJ's that fool you into thinking the
configuration is correct but large objects will fail since you don't have the
correct tcp port in your config file. From memory 'ERR_CONNECT_FAIL ...' is
error you get in this case.

        A lot of proxy servers DONT use the 3128 address for proxy server tcp
(http) port. It would be a good idea if multiple http ports could specified
so that exisiting port could continue to be supported and still have 3128
active as well.

        The registration database is useful
in these cases for checking your config against your neighbour/parent(s).
The registration database needs to be promoted more as a solution to this
problem if nothing else.

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