neighbours not returning images?

From: Julianne Weekers <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 16:39:35 +1000 (GMT+1000)


I am seeing a strage effect where if a request is made to the proxy for
an image file that a neighbour has, the proxy returns an error 61
(Connection refused) despite the fact that the neighbour appears to
believe it has delivered the item and direct access (without proxy) is

I am running squid/1.0.16 on both proxies. They are Alphas running DUX
4.0. I have 100M memory free on each system, so resources are not a
problem. They are set up as proxy-only neighbours, with no other parents
or friends. I have only been able to see/duplicate this for image files
(gif and jpg) so far.

Log details below. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be going
wrong ?

On PROXY1 the access log returns:
access.log: - - [30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000] "GET"

But the hierarchy log seems to indicate that the neighbour did offer the
hierarchy.log:[30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000]

store.log:844058318.365 RELEASE 400 300 [ 5m] 0/945

PROXY2 appears to log a sucessful hit:
access.log: - - [30/Sep/1996:14:38:38 +1000] "ICP_QUERY"

Use of the reload button fetches this item without any difficulty
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