Cannot retrieve local pages DIRECTLY

From: Kev <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 10:08:41 +1000

Dear Squid Users,

I am grateful for many responses from you on this topic and
I have decided to re-submit my question with better detail
to outline the problem.

Objective: Squid should NOT cache our local WWW pages.

Diagnosis: The problem is I am not even sure how to check whether
squid is retrieving the pages directly or retreiving them from its
cache. I have been looking at the access log but I have conflicting
reports as to what the various messages really mean. Can someone
clarify this for me? My testbed is Netscape 3.0 with all its caches
cleared and "check for new WWW pages" set to "never". The confusion lies
around what TCP_HIT/200/NONE really means... Does this mean the
object was retrieved from the cache or not? I am pretty sure that
TCP_MISS/200/DIRECT means it retrieved it from the source.

Attempts: I have tried using the local_domain and local_ip to
no effect. I have tried using http_stop and tty of 0 using the domain
name with some partial effect but it still appears to be retrieving
objects from the cache. As per the TCP_HIT message above.

Requests for any clarification will be responded to immediately.

Thank you in advance

Information Support Officer
Global Info Links
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