Re: Req: Sparc Solaris Squid binaries...

From: John Beranek <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 10:41:48 +0100 (BST)

On Mon 07 Oct, Miguel L. Dimayuga wrote in reply to my request:
> Hi John,
> You don't need to have to compile this program since it is written in
> perl.

Errm, if that's true how can you explain the following:

valhalla: /var/tmp/jberanek/squid-1.1.beta4/src : ls
Makefile dns.h icp.c squid.conf dnsserver.c icp.h squid.conf.pre
acl.c errorpage.c ident.c
acl.h errorpage.h ipcache.c squid.h
async_io.c fdstat.c ipcache.h ssl.c
async_io.h fdstat.h main.c stack.c
background.c filemap.c mime.c stack.h
background.h filemap.h mime.h stat.c
cache_cf.c fqdncache.c neighbors.c stat.h
cache_cf.h fqdncache.h neighbors.h stmem.c
cachemgr.c ftp.c net_db.c stmem.h
client.c ftp.h net_db.h store.c
client_side.c ftpget.c objcache.c store.h
client_side.h gopher.c pinger.c store_clean.c
comm.c gopher.h pinger.h storetoString.c
comm.h hash.c proto.c tools.c
debug.c hash.h proto.h tools.h
debug.h http.c recv-announce.c ttl.c
disk.c http.h redirect.c url.c
disk.h icmp.c redirect.h url.h
dns.c icmp.h send-announce.c wais.c

It's definitely a C program... :)
> All you need is the perl program.

If only.
> I have a Sun System myself. Btw, if you need to, why don't you get
> yourself a copy of gnu programs like GCC. That should end your worries
> about not having a compiler.

Well, the system has GCC, but the include files are kind of messed up,
and I only have user access, so I can't fix them......
> Migs =)


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