Re: Neighboring woes

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 12:30:03 +0000

On Tue 8 Oct, 1996, Christian Balzer <> wrote:
>Actually that's the wrong idea (though it might be worthy to add this
>info), as the original headers of the data and maybe the time these
>were veryfied the last time should be sufficient to allow us to make

tricky when there isn't a Last-modified: header, as seems to happen
on some documents. In the UK we did have a 'famous' case of getting
a homepage from Netscape of last November, which was a few months old
at the time (and their homepage changes each day).

I did quite like that Netscape's proxy added Cache-last-checked to
the headers.

  HTTP/1.0 200 OK
  Date: Sun, 06 Oct 1996 13:52:48 GMT
  Server: Apache/0.8.14
  Content-type: text/html
  Content-length: 4344
  Last-modified: Sat, 05 Oct 1996 07:59:14 GMT
  Accept-ranges: bytes
  Cache-last-checked: Tuesday, 08-Oct-96 11:26:32 GMT
  Proxy-agent: Netscape-Proxy/2.1b1

related to getting old things, yesterday I was getting an older
copy of a document from a neighbour via an ICP_HIT_OBJ, which I
then didn't seem to cache; and reloading the document got me the
new one from the real server - which didn't then get cached. That
is also a tricky situation.
-- jrg.
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