Re: Neighboring woes

From: Christian Balzer <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 08:21:11 +0200 (MET DST)

James R Grinter wrote:
>On Mon 7 Oct, 1996, Christian Balzer <> wrote:
>>>As a maintainer of a local cache, I need *total* control over the age of
>>>objects delivered to my users. Otherwise I will loose those users, to the
>>>detriment of the whole cooperative system, and (what bugs me most;-)
>>>through no fault of mine.
>>Yup, that's the reason the local caches haven't joined up in the de-cache
>>hierachy yet. ^_^ And thanks for writing this all, saved me from writing
>>another long email. ^_^
>this (semi) ties in with something that occured to me the other
>day. We have all seen the problem where an old document stays in
>some cooperating caches because it goes around the 'loop', being
>treated as new each time. So it would be very useful if the fetching
>cache recorded what it estimated for an expiry time and communicated
>that to all others.
Actually that's the wrong idea (though it might be worthy to add this
info), as the original headers of the data and maybe the time these
were veryfied the last time should be sufficient to allow us to make
_local_ decisions about the validity of said data. This is what this
is all about, making your own rules...

>One easy way of implementing that would be to add an Expires: header
>where there isn't already one. Thoughts?
I don't like the idea of manipulating/adding headers, see above for
all the information we need to get what we want, plus of course a load
of additional programming for squid...

Mata ne,


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