Re: OSF/1, cc and squid 1.1-beta4

From: Ollivier Robert <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 15:26:34 +0100

According to Ong Beng Hui:
> I am not sure if there is any set of patches for Digital
> Unix, but you might want to check out...

Thanks but my question is about patches for Squid, not for DU :-)

Most of the problems are from the use of u_short and short in prototypes
because there is an automatic promotion to another type and it apparently
disturb the compilation. I compiled one of the 1.1-alpha* a while ago...

As a side question, a friend of mine told me I had to wipe out my cache if
I go for 1.1.*. Can anyone confirm or deny please ?

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