Re: OSF/1, cc and squid 1.1-beta4

From: Daniel S. Riley <>
Date: 08 Oct 1996 11:54:25 -0400 (Ollivier Robert) writes:
> Is there a set of patches for compiling 1.1-beta4 on a OSF/1 3.2 machine
> with only "cc" as compiler (don't tell me to install gcc, it is not an
> option...) ?

CC='cc -std1' ./configure


setenv CC 'cc -std1'

for the csh inclined) almost compiles. It fails on several files
which, depending on the options you choose, come up empty. Inserting
anything for the compiler to do (even 'static int dummy;') in those
files will get it to compile. I have not tested the resulting

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