Always fetch from parent

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 08:56:28 +1000

We've just changed from CERN's proxy, and the Squid proxy is a MAJOR
improvement. We've got an odd situation here, though...

There are two proxies at our upstream network provider. P.Q1 and P.Q2.
Alternatively, the name P.Q will resolve to either one or the other,
distributing the load.

Now, if our proxy fetches from either, we pay about a third of the
bandwidth cost, than if we fetch bypass and go direct.

Is there any way to get Squid to fetch a document from a fixed parent,
in the event of a miss on all parents? (Eg, if neither P.Q1 or P.Q2 have
the document, fetch it from P.Q)

Right now, Squid is making all manner of direct connections, and while
it is working very well, it'll be costing us a fair bit beyond what we
could be paying.

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