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From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 10:29:30 -0500

G'day All!

On Oct 9, 10:15am, Dancer wrote:
> Despite the lack of expiry meta-info in document headers, I've noticed
> that Squid seems to deal better with frequently changing documents.

Meta-tags are no good. Httpd itself can send an Expires: header, the same as it
does for Date:, Server:, Content-type:, Content-length: etc etc. You don't want
Squid parsing EVERY document that it fetches (which also applies to PICS).

> Mind you, _we_ don't have any expiry meta-infos on our pages, either.
> Something I guess we should correct. :)


Even the NLANR web site doesn't send out Expires: headers. Apache is able to do
this plus Apache are planning to release a fully compliant HTTP 1.1 server as
close to HTTP 1.1 becoming a standard as possible (give or take last minute
code changes due to last minute changes to the proposed standard, see


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