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From: Richard Munro <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 12:28:30 +0500

We have been using the Netscape Proxy server until recently, when I
decided to try out Squid. Simply stated, I much prefer Squid.
However I do have one problem that I have been unsuccessful at
getting around.

The Netscape Proxy server has a setting that will force a check of
material before delivery to a client. We had it set up for about a
half hour. But I can find no such similar setting with Squid.

Why is it important? For instance, is constantly updating
its information. I find that with the Netscape Proxy server that if
the page is updated, we'll see that update within minutes because of
the 30-minute age setting before a recheck. With Squid, no matter
what I tried, we keep getting the old page and the users were forced
to request a refresh to bring in the new material.

That's fine for one site, but then folks started requesting
refreshes on just about everything, which totally negated the effect
of the cache. So, reluctantly, I dropped back to Netscape Proxy
server until I could get things resolved.

Is there a setting I've missed?
Richard Munro
Unix/VMS System Administration
Humber College Academic Computing Department
Toronto, Ontario
Received on Tue Oct 08 1996 - 09:28:46 MDT

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