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From: Christian Balzer <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 20:46:49 +0200 (MET DST)

Richard Munro wrote:
>The Netscape Proxy server has a setting that will force a check of
>material before delivery to a client. We had it set up for about a
>half hour. But I can find no such similar setting with Squid.
Well, you could set the max. TTL to something in that range, _if_
the IMS-Expired-Hit stuff would work as advertised.
See my very recent mail about this in the ML archive, go to the
Squid homepage for that and read mail 3 in the "latest" folder.

>Why is it important? For instance, is constantly updating
>its information. I find that with the Netscape Proxy server that if
>the page is updated, we'll see that update within minutes because of
>the 30-minute age setting before a recheck. With Squid, no matter
>what I tried, we keep getting the old page and the users were forced
>to request a refresh to bring in the new material.
>That's fine for one site, but then folks started requesting
>refreshes on just about everything, which totally negated the effect
>of the cache. So, reluctantly, I dropped back to Netscape Proxy
>server until I could get things resolved.
Exactly my sentiments, though I don't have anything better to fall back

>Is there a setting I've missed?
A combined short TTL setting along with a large expire_age (you need to
run 1.1 (beta 4 is the latest) for this) would do the trick for you,
_if_ that bug is fixed. ^_^

Mata ne,


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