Re: IMS bugs and proposals

From: Earl Fogel <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 1996 16:34:29 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996 Christian Balzer <> wrote:

>However people who think that the latest Dilbert strip has
>to be out now can and will hit the "Reload" button, a lot. Right now
>I estimate that about 20-30% of the external accesses are TCP_REFRESH
>requests of perfectly valid data. An option to Squid which allows
>these requests to be transformed into an IMS/size check procedure would
>greatly reduce this load.

Yes, please.

Also, when you hit Reload, Netscape includes a Pragma: no-cache HTTP header
in the request, and squid doesn't service the request from it's cache. I'd
think that's the correct behavior for GET requests, but when a request
includes both an LMS and a Pragma: no-cache, *and* squid has a cached copy
of the document that's newer than the one the browser has, then I think
squid should return it's cached copy.

So, hitting Reload would always give you a newer copy of a document
(if one is available), but it wouldn't necessarily give you the newest

>Incidently I do see some TCP_IMS_HIT in the
>access logs, so some browsers must be doing things more sensible
>than Netscape (or am I missing something obvious here?).]

I've been told that MSIE does not include the Pragma: no-cache header
on Reloads.

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