Re: IMS bugs and proposals

From: Wolfgang Ratzka <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 09:48:51 +0200

>>>>> "EF" == Earl Fogel <> writes:

    EF> ...but when a request includes both an
    EF> IMS and a Pragma: no-cache, *and* squid has a cached copy of
    EF> the document that's newer than the one the browser has, then I
    EF> think squid should return it's cached copy.

Not without checking the original source, I think, maybe taking the
version it already has into account and passing on a modified

    EF> So, hitting Reload would always give you a newer copy of a
    EF> document (if one is available), but it wouldn't necessarily
    EF> give you the newest copy.

Yuck. Please not!
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