Re: Parent AND neighbour?

From: Pete Philips <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 14:40:55 +0100 (BST)

> On Oct 9, 15:10, Pete Philips wrote:
> > It just occured to me that it would be useful to be able to specify
> > a site as both a neighbour and a parent so that it is a neighbour for
> > all queries and a parent just for queries to a certain domain.
> Have you tried using, say, a hostname for specifying the parent and a
> numerical IP adress for the neighbor? It would be a stupid hack, I know,
> but it just might work.

I've since done a little digging in the archive and found the following
that Duane had to say on the subject:

> I think it won't work. When an ICP reply comes back from a neighbor we
> look up the IP address from the recv() call to map it into our list of
> neighbors. Rather than needing separate host names, you need two IP
> addresses. And you'd have to get the neighbor to send the reply on a
> specific address.
> But what you want to do can be added to version 1.1.

And indeed it was. From 1.1 release notes:

> Using a neighbor as both a parent and a sibling
> ============================================================================
> Prior to version 1.1.beta5, a neighbor cache was always treated as
> either a sibling or a parent for all requests. In some cases, it is
> desirable to use a neighbor as a parent for some domains and as a
> sibling for others. This can now be accomplished by adding either the
> 'parent' or 'sibling' keywords in the cache_host_domain config lines.
> For example, consider these configuration lines
> cache_host sibling 3128 3130
> cache_host_domain parent
> cache_host_domain sibling !

I wonder if it could be added to 1.0 for us luddites?

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