Squid using too much disk space.

From: Claude Lecommandeur <Claude.Lecommandeur@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 17:50:47 +0200


   I'm using squid-1.0.5 and am having a problem for the second time.
The problem is that suddenly the cache spool becomes almost full.

    The parameters in squid.conf are :

cache_swap 1000
cache_swap_low 75
cache_swap_high 80

   cacgemgr.cgi indicates that 796 MB are used :

Cache information for squid:
        Storage Swap size: 796 MB
        Storage Mem size: 816 KB

   But there is much more disk usage :

Filesystem kbytes used avail %used Mounted on
/dev/vg00/lvol4 1156885 1062139 -20943 102% /harvest

   The cache is running for several month and everything was OK
until this morning.

   Is there any know reason for this ? I suspect that squid has lost
track of files in its spool. Is there a script to reset the spool to
what squid thinks it is ? or should I discard all the spool ? (it was
what I did the first time it happened)

   Thanks for any hints.


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