Re: squid cache retrieval in place of errors

From: Wolfgang Ratzka <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:45:11 +0200

Bill Wichers:
    bw> Is there a way to configure squid so that it will return a URL
    bw> from cache (if it has it in cache, of course ;-) in place of an
    bw> error message if it can't reach the site directly? This would
    bw> allow it to return a site to a user even if its outgoing
    bw> connection were to fail, or if the remote site was down.

Christian Balzer:
    cb> An option like this would be nice (and has be requested just
    cb> recently before), though it would be even nice if pages such
    cb> retrieved could be prepended with some message (heading)
    cb> stating that this is a stale copy and not the real thing...

...which would require some overhead on part of the proxy, as one
would have to check for the MIME types to avoid inserting comments
into GIFs, GZIPped TARs and other things that don't allow easy editing

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