ICP reply "I'm busy" during GCs?

From: Andreas Strotmann <Strotmann@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 15:33:00 +0200


I'm running a proxy whose main function is to serve users' browsers, but
which is used extensively by neighbors (just as it uses neighbors to a
lesser degree).

The problem is that several times a day, the system goes into garbage
collection mode, and system throughput gets pretty bad from the users'
point of view during that time.

It occurs to me that users and neighbors compete for resources on my
machine, which, in normal times, is quite alright. But during a GC,
resources that I have no control over get scarce suddenly and for a
longish time (like 30-60 minutes), and still neighbors compete with

Now I noted that ICP can return "sorry, I'm busy right now" to its
neigbors (used during start-up). I'd very much like to tell my Squid
proxy to return just such an answer to its neighbors during GCs, figuring
that valuable resources would be freed for users.

Supposing that Squid already does return such an answer at times, it
should be fairly easy to implement having it return such an answer during
GCs, too.



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