Strange squid behavior

From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 18:00:03 +0400

Dear Squiders,

Time to time my squid send to WWW client the following message:

The following error was encountered:
     Unable to Retrieve

The system returned:

    No ICP replies received and the host is beyond the firewall.
The cache administrator may need to double-check the cache configuration.

This means that:
    The requested URL can not currently be retrieved.

But at the same time "Reload" button in Netscape produce correct result.
Squid is configured as our network is beyond firewall.

I studied log files of both Squid caches - this one and his parent.
First request to parent produces (according parent log)
but his child treats it as ERR_CANNOT_FETCH/400/NO_DIRECT_FAIL.
"Reload" produces GET request to parent (TCP_MISS/200/FIRST_PARENT_MISS reply
which treats as TCP_MISS/200/SINGLE_PARENT 2347 GET).

It's very interesting but after squid killing and restart it works correctly.
But after some time (a day) situation may be repeated.
I guess this squid behavior starts after temporary (>1 hour) line break down
(but I don't sure).

Squid version - 1.0.16, OS - FreeBSD-2.1.0-RELEASE (both Squid caches).

Could somebody help me reach robust work of Squid.
Received on Thu Oct 17 1996 - 07:00:59 MDT

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