Re: Strange squid behavior

From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 12:43:04 +0400

Dear Duane,

Thank you for your reply,

> you must have a sibling neighbor as well as a parent?
> if you're behind a firewall and have only one neighbor (a parent) you
> should turn on 'single_parent_bypass' in the config.

My problem is that we have a single nonreliable link between Chernogolovka
and Moscow. I have a squid cache on both ends of this link, and I would like
to receive information only via parent cache on another end.
Of course, I can switch firewall off and permit single_parent_bypass
but I would non like to do this.

In my case, the main reason of failure when querying parent is not due to
parent cache failure but due to link faulure, and permitting single parent
bypass will produce no results.

>>But at the same time "Reload" button in Netscape produce correct result.
>>It's very interesting but after squid killing and restart it works correctly.
>>But after some time (a day) situation may be repeated.
>>I guess this squid behavior starts after temporary (>1 hour) line break down
>>(but I don't sure).

Is it possible that squid automatically swithch off parent cache if it is
non accessable during a period of time, and this switch remains to be off
when parent becames accessible after line reparing ?

> I don't know enough about your configuration, but I wonder if it
> would help to comment out these two lines in neighbors.c:
> /* skip any cache where we failed to connect() w/in the last 60s */
> if (squid_curtime - e->last_fail_time < 60)
> continue;
I'll try to apply this patch and see the results.

Yours, sincerely, Serge Krashakov
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