RE: Internet Explorer 3.0

From: LCDR Mark Purcell <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 18:40:45 +0100

On Friday, 18 October, 1996 10:28, Tim Steele[]
> How can one force a reload which bypasses the cache (squid)?
> With Netscape, shift-Reload does the trick.

Unfortunatly MS didn't implement shift-Reload to send a Pragma-No-cache
which forces the cache to fetch from the source/parent host.

The only method I have found is under cache settings to select 'always
check' which will send a Progma-No-Cache with every request. It isn't what
we want, but it is good for those difficult to clear documents.

I find myself in the crazy position of running with MS IE in one window and
lynx in a secondary window and whenever I need to refresh a page I cut and
paste the URL into lynx and hit ^R :-(


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